‘The Heart of Manila, a shining jewel in the ocean.’


A main boulevard connecting over 400 hectares of city is connected with an advanced driverless railway system. Splitting the district in two gives the inner ring a large Central Park whilst the outer ring will provide breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean. Water Taxis connect the two islands, North and South, to the other districts of Manila. This project will be an epic Metropolis, forging a truly international community with plenty of things to offer visitors.

Our digital brochure accentuates the finer parts of this planned city project whilst highlighting the tourist friendly necessities for a luxurious destination. Creating a strong case for the planned project was paramount to our client and our gifted graphic designers perfectly encapsulated the feel of the new city in a clear and concise digital brochure. Our artists can take any idea and bring it to life through their meticulous design process.

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