Thimble Island Brewery is the largest self-distributing microbrewery in Connecticut. Locally owned with roots in Branford, CT, and the Thimble Islands, the company offers six staple brews, as well as many seasonal and speciality products. Our client required a new website platform for their company-wide rebrand. To represent the Thimble Islands, showcase their beer and market new microbrews when they launch.

Our strategy involved creating a design to bring the town of Branford and the gorgeous Thimble Islands to life. We incorporated the House on Stilts, once of the most iconic homes built on the Thimble Islands. Matching the colours used in the brewery’s tasting room created a sense of familiarity for internal website users and a sense of wonder for customers looking to visit.

The success of this project was in the simplicity for internal staff to use the new website platform to moderate and update going forward. Capturing the heart of Brandford and the stunning Thimble Islands was praised by our client as it helped to strengthen and further establish their brand and focus group feedback was positive all across the board.

Website design is where we shine.

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