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Hi. We’re the Afterglow Agency

’A brand is more than a catchy slogan and a memorable name. It’s the way your clients and customers see, hear and feel your presence.

Our goal is to leave behind an afterglow of success for your business.

With our diverse team of the best in-house writers, content creators and web developers all working towards the same vision, we are able to bring measurable results to your business.

The digital marketing and branding strategies we use are bespoke and allow us to incorporate all aspects of your organisation to help elevate your brand.

Our mission statement is simple:

To create content that elevates brands, enriches lives and expands your organisation’s potential. We strive everyday to do the best work of our lives and work diligently towards our vision:

Create to Elevate

Marketing & Development

The Internet is rapidly evolving, constantly creating a blurry and borderless battlefield riddled with new challenges. Today more than ever, your brand needs to have a strong, impactful online presence to stay ahead of the competition. A website is the backbone of a business. It allows your customers to find you online and it also gives you an opportunity to convert these leads into revenue. Afterglow provides back-end, front-end and full stack development for your brand needs. We also integrate SEO to the development to ensure that your website is high-performing.

Copywriting & SEO

Our team of expert writers scrutinise all content and communications and optimise them using an SEO friendly approach. Following a philosophy of not what you say but how you say it, one of the most overlooked aspects of online branding is tone. We help to create your organisation’s unique voice with crystal clear wording and SEO optimised keywords layered throughout to ensure your voice reaches its target audience. Our research will help to identify the words and phrases that resonate with your audience and things to avoid to remain consistent. The aftercare you will receive will enable you to continue to communicate with your audience within guidelines that allow fro maximum impact.

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About Brooklyn
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Our Services

Elevate your brand with the best in-house web developers, content creators & copywriters to give yourself a head start in 2020.

Website Development

Our specialists are passionate about delivering a website that offers full functionality for your clients, a flawless interface and most importantly of all, a website that converts. We look to the future to ensure that your website is optimised for today, tomorrow and the years to come.


Are you speaking the same language as your audience? Tone of voice, dialect and delivery are easy to overlook, but done correctly can foster meaningful long term relationships and have a profound impact on brand loyalty. Our expert copywriters don’t just speak to your audience, they can help you to learn how to connect on a deeper level with them.

Content Creation

The power of content is unrivalled. Whether it’s video, music, animation, copywriting or any other form of digital media, our specialists hand craft content specific to your target market. Leveraging the power of the right content delivered effectively to your audience leads to deeper, more meaningful relationships between you and your customers.

Digital Marketing

What’s the first thing your customers think when they see your brand? Digital Marketing encompasses work across our entire team to create the best foundation for all marketing communications. We take the core elements of your brand and user research and infuse industry leading strategies, to create impactful marketing that speaks the same dialect as your target audience.

Our Service
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Our Work


Each completed project makes us even more hungry. Hungry for more designs,
more code and at least some more twinkies. As a result we deliver a better web experience.

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